A Mad Dog

by Humble Digs

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Recorded 8/2016 on Railroad Street
First in the 3-part release of the album we been cookin'
Smell that steam oooboy


released November 10, 2016

Jake Slater-Guitar and vocals
Riley Feeney-bass and vocals
George Condon-guitar, vocals, trumpet on track 3
Henry Condon-Drums and Percussion
Casey Opal- vocals on track 3
Tony!!!- introducing the vibes

Mixing on tracks 1 and 4 by Adam Thurber at Northfire Recording
Mixing on track 2 by John Krone at New Propaganda
Mixing on track 3 by Jake drunk at his desk
Mastering by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio



all rights reserved


Humble Digs Massachusetts

Songs flowing out of my head, please send help at humbledigsband@gmail.com

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Track Name: Surfin' Motels
I'm not lookin' backwards! I'm not gonna fall!
For tricks that get me goin', and sweating all the small
stuff I had forgotten, and buried in the yard
cuz now I'm surfin' motels and prayin to the Lord!

Cigarettes paint the room with gold, there's a knock upon my door
It's just the reaper, thinks he's found his floor
I'm just a drifter and right downstairs, there's a dude who tries his hand
at bleeding out but he's always too drunk

I'm not lookin' backwards! I'm not gonna fall!
In love with all the bullshit that wasn't there at all
I paid all my taxes, and worked till I was sore,
and now I'm surfin' motels and prayin to the Lord!

TV tells me I'm in control, but I'll still ask should I drink or smoke?
"I'm just a mad dog, I'm a love song"
So it goes, goes to show, I've got nobody home
I'll be a mosquito, if ya think so
"I'm just a mad dog, and a love song"

I'm not lookin' backwards! I'm not gonna fall!
Behind another current, but only if the wall
is low enough for everybody's tired bony arms
for now I'm surfin' motels, and prayin' to the Lord
Track Name: A Job
Shame, it's been a couple hours
already I don't know just who I am no more
Keep it quiet! Sweat in silence!
No one needs to know just who you've been before
A prince, now kicked out the door
A monk, staying high and poor
I'm bored. We're bored.

Be willing, be bold
cuz I'm chillin', I'm sold

No one's stopping, no one's starting
No one's in control. Just go. And slow your roll.
Or take the fast lane. No one's looking.
And either way you go. Down low. A feather in the flow.
Dust up on Heaven's roof
I will always think of you
and lose my cool.

Be willing, be bold
cuz I'm chillin', I'm sold
Track Name: Sunstroke
I hear ringing bells on branches
and I'm expecting intervention
and I can feel it in the breezes
but I brush it out of my hair
I have taken ten looks in the mirror
and I have opened my eyes to see clearer
and everybody is looking back

I've been bleeding by my birthright
and I've been chasing faded footprints
and I've been praying for winter's passing
now I've got sunstroke, it was bound to happen
lay your gentle hand on my shoulder
your touch can be a tall drink of water
and everybody has some kind of thirst

should i got lose my stride and look for light beneath the bridge
everybody is looking back
Track Name: Polaris
My eye caught a lonely Ford asleep, all night long
Just outside of Memphis, in a cluster parking lot
I set off by seven, set to see the Mississippi clouds
through rays in the mirror, I could see her chase me down
Blind as I've been, is a beacon now my part
for the dreamers with electric broken hearts?
for the fortune seeking fools in open air?
I'm out in free-fall with no idea where to land.
I'll bet her eyes are big and bright as Polaris.

I could use one dance, two-by-two in hand.

Parked on a median I failed to learn her name
here bare feet were bound for the Gulf to sale away
she bit on her lip when I suggested New Orleans
so we started an impassible parade
Was it all an apparition after days
of spinning stories while I steered with the other hand?
Or was I dancing 'round the same forgotten games
of folks arriving and then leaving not a trace
to my eyes, blinded by some Polaris?

I could use one dance, two by two in hand