by Humble Digs

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recorded in a Travelodge in Austin TX in the wee hours of morning, 7/12/2015. All I had was my smartphone so it's rough as nails, but worth sharing.


released July 21, 2015



all rights reserved


Humble Digs Massachusetts

Songs flowing out of my head, please send help at

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Track Name: Damn Dude, That's Brutal
Stoned by love again
aimed straight at my head, lord
you've given me hope
that my legs can run like the wind
but damn it's a sin, though
i found out when I broke
your heart in my knot-covered hands
you'd still try to hold, girl
you're shouting across a canyon
I dug for months drunk on all your trust
like usual, I've got a reason to say I'm not
Willing to on
this time it isn't god
or jealousy or pot
time just chose to rot
i could go forever on
but it's time i turned and walked
Track Name: Golden Gazes (East Texas, Not in Tune)
Songs made from passing cars
and the beating of my shoes on the pavement in the heat
lifted up to my own clouds
when it gets so loud, the signs and faces blur
blinded by the same condition
a thousand of us dance round the same forgotten fire

touched by your golden gaze
peeking through the hazy corner of my eye
a glance at the window in the doorway
tells me you have got a better man than I
smile as if you are on camera
putting on that show you do whenever we go pass each other by

sleep, i don't know the difference
between lying in my bed and running through the street
some say that's waking death
but i have learned to laugh at my silly waking dream
peace, have I made my peace?
or am i just entertained till something better dances past me?
Track Name: Flashes and Floods and Dreams Before Sleep
I doubt I'll say goodbye
I'll fade with the evening sky
the sooner you say, the wind's blown it's way
with you, 'fore you know
you too have flown
every which way
to another town
with no time to think or make a sound

I doubt I'll say goodbye
When the time's right, I won't even try
I'll mail out a card
I'll write on your wall
in dye that will run
with the rain, with the flood
with a couple years in the mud
in another town
without a soul like you around

You're a ghost made of silver and oak
you took root and will never let go
flashes and floods and dreams before sleep
i'll pray, i'll keep
pushing light through the deep
every which way
hoping it will reach
your next rainy day